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With us as a brand agency for Bochum, your ideas are transformed into brands with recognition value. Together with you, we develop concepts that impress. Your market success is close to our hearts.

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As a brand agency for Bochum, we have experience from more than 100 projects for start-ups, companies and institutions. Scroll through our latest projects:

“Schwarz+Matt convinces with creative solutions, adherence to deadlines, uncomplicated communication and, above all, very good results.”


Gregor Boldt
Head of Press/Digital Media Department


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Five reasons

Why hire a brand agency for Bochum?

1. expertise and experience

2. uniqueness and differentiation

3. consistent brand communication

4. time and cost efficiency

5. access to the latest methods

Brand agency for Bochum as the key to success

Effective branding is essential in today’s business world. As an accomplished brand agency, brand consulting, branding agency and corporate design agency, we ensure that your messages are clearly and permanently anchored so that you dominate the competitive field.

Expertise of our brand agency for Bochum

Our Experts in Branding combine creative energy with strategic vision. With a deep understanding of the market, they focus on target groups and design customized branding strategies to position your company in the best possible way.

Differentiation in a crowded market

An excellent product or service alone does not set the standard; the way it is presented counts just as much. As a brand agency, we work with you to shape distinctive and incomparable branding that generates lasting attention from your target audience.

Consistent and effective brand communication

Across all points of interaction, a harmonious brand image is essential. From business correspondence to radio jingles – everything should be in sync. As a brand agency for Bochum, we create coherent messages and designs that build your brand’s reputation and strengthen the bond with your Customers.