Verbal identity

Brand language that connects

Language also influences how we perceive brands. To create a three-dimensional and complex brand, consistency is needed – also in terms of tonality and wording. We create brands that speak the language of the target group.

Brand name

Based on the respective brand positioning, we develop a unique brand name that gets into the minds of the targets and gets to the heart of the respective brand.


We design a claim that pays off on the positioning, reflects the corporate culture and simply feels good.


We find the right tone to ensure that relevant targets also feel addressed by a brand. A tone-of-voice ensures consistent communication and gives brands an identity-forming character.


No story without text. No story, no brand. We bring the uniqueness of brands into key messages, brand stories and other text formats – it’s a never-ending love brand story.
Maximilian Kersten Portrait


Maximilian Kersten
Senior Strategic Consultant
Team Lead Brand