Sound identity

Your brand to listen to

A strong brand speaks. She makes herself heard. Our experienced composers and world-class musicians design a sonic identity based on values, personality and history.

Sound library

We create a sound library based on the sound logo and the actual brand DNA in order to have sound up our sleeve for the most diverse fields of application – always oriented to the uniqueness of the brand.


Brands have a voice. We evaluate a corporate voice that fits the company and brand. The specific speaking voice pays off consistently and in the long term for the verbal communication of a company and has an identity-forming effect.

UX Sound Design

The nuts and bolts of UX sound design? The user experience. A pleasant auditory experience of products, services and apps ensures that the company is remembered positively.

Composition and production

We produce all the sound in-house. Our approach? Deep understanding of brands and musical design possibilities. Our Experts in Sound Design make the sound identity a perfectly fitting puzzle piece of the entire brand system.

Maximilian Kersten Portrait


Maximilian Kersten
Senior Strategic Consultant
Team Lead Brand