Visual identity

Your brand in the best light

We translate the DNA of brands and package it into a visual identity. We precisely coordinate logo, graphic system, photography and other elements. What comes out of it? Brands that stay in your head. Brands with recognition value. Our style? Award-winning. This is how we guarantee the quality and timelessness of our first-class design.

Design system

We think everything modular and develop a brand-specific grid aka design system. In this way, we guarantee to tell a consistent and unforgettable story on both a visual and tonal level that stays in the mind.

Photography and video

Many things affect us: shapes, colors, images or words. We think brands four-dimensionally and develop customized creative solutions – be it for POS campaigns, posters, social media or website. We produce audio-visual content in our in-house studio or directly on location.
More than just a beautiful cover: We know that successful packaging is convincing when brand and product are equally conveyed by the design. As good as the content is, it’s the design that gets us to pay attention and grab it – or how do you decide on a wine in front of the supermarket shelf?
From original illustrations and infographics to unique header or banner designs, we create outstanding illustrations – always with the target audience in mind. No to dull stock photos and yes to outstanding illustration designs!
Everything is on the move – including brands. Our Experts from the fields of design, strategy and audio create brands that move through motion. In a world where everything is in flow, brands in particular must always be thought of in modular terms – so let’s move it.


We produce customized, hyper-realistic 3D visualizations – far beyond imagination. This adds the finishing touches to product presentations and the design of brand worlds and can contribute significantly to a brand-specific, unmistakable style.

Maximilian Kersten Portrait


Maximilian Kersten
Senior Strategic Consultant
Team Lead Brand