Subbrand for the G DATA academy

In terms of communication, a new brand was created from a product, which today reaches and convinces the target group with its own image and self-image at trade fairs and, above all, with targeted content marketing.







From product to brand

On the visual level, we made a conscious decision to establish a brighter, friendlier and more open overall look (compared to the main brand) for the G DATA academy – all in the spirit of ‘inspiring learning’ and indirect accessibility.

In this way, we have created a well thought-out sub-brand that helps to attract new Customers without scaring off the existing ones – since the design is different, but still based on the main brand overall and the reference is clear.

G DATA CyberDefense – a company based in Bochum – is therefore an established brand with a special scope, on which our team had the opportunity to work strategically. In the first project, we first broke up the evolved brand architecture and created a subbrand with the G DATA academy. The G Data academy is an e-learning platform that helps people create awareness of cyber security and learn how to deal adequately with potential risks and attacks.

About G DATA

With holistic cyber defense services, G DATA makes CyberDefense defensible against cybercrime. The renowned IT security company protects with AI technologies, endpoint protection, security monitoring, and offers penetration testing, incident response, and awareness training to best secure businesses.

G DATA CyberDefense AG supports its customers in every security situation. From its headquarters in Bochum, Germany, more than 550 employees ensure the digital security of companies, critical infrastructures such as hospitals or airports, and millions of private users. With nearly 40 years of expertise in malware analysis, G DATA has become a top player in the cybersecurity world and conducts research and software development exclusively in Germany. This also applies to service and support, which is available around the clock for customers all over the world. G DATA security solutions are available in more than 90 countries and have received numerous awards from independent test institutes.


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