Spatial identity

Your brand to experience

Brands have long since arrived in the fourth dimension and are spatially walkable. Spatial identity is the combination of interior design, materials, objects, technology, signage, as well as sensory elements such as smells. We therefore adapt the core of brands and accommodate it within four (gladly more) walls!


We give your brand space. We transfer the specific brand DNA to a retail design that just feels right – for you and your target audience. We design retail spaces in harmony with the brand essence, focusing equally on aesthetics, functionality and interaction.

Office space

An office that reflects the values and corporate culture and encourages employees to really live the brand? No problem! We think through office space concepts and provide support in optimizing interior design. Pssst: This adds prestige and can lead to even more talent and potential partners taking notice.


A branded space is essential for the hospitality industry. We translate the brand’s values, personality and visual style into a spatial and interactive experience that feels good and looks just as good.


We design pop-ups, showrooms, trade show booths and creatively tailored physical brand experiences to position brands expressively at events.


We design orientation and guidance systems and take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to bring the unique style and brand personality to life. Successful signage seamlessly guides you through the spaces and helps make you feel welcome.


We design products and pieces of furniture that enhance the brand experience through their uniqueness and functionality and simply convince.

Maximilian Kersten Portrait


Maximilian Kersten
Senior Strategic Consultant
Team Lead Brand