Branding for a start-up for intelligent process automation

For the innovative corporate start-up auto mates, we created a corporate design that also reflects the symbiosis of man and machine on a visual level.








auto.mates - that is the cooperation of humans and robots

Sounds like science fiction? Is just as exciting, but in this case also tangible in reality. These are software robots that help companies automate routine tasks. These “digital new employees” not only save an enormous amount of time, they also save their human colleagues a lot of stress.

The best? This creates new capacities in terms of value creation and creativity.

We have also devoted special attention to this symbiosis between humans and robots in our corporate design. Logo, colors, imagery, typography, layout guidelines, key visuals, icons, illustrations – it all came together to create a modern overall visual image that successfully represents the core of the company.

About auto.mates

The mission of auto.mates is to use intelligent process management to redefine performance and focus on people’s strengths. With its dynamic team, auto.mates takes on this challenge and develops completely individual automation solutions for organizations, regardless of size and industry, which correspond to the latest state of the art in technology, security and performance. The vision of auto.mates is always to make a contribution to society as a whole and to drive innovation and digitization in companies.


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