Brand experience

Holistic staging of your brand

We think brands holistically. That’s why we focus on creating equally holistic brand experiences. We want to connect people and brands. To do this, we leverage our strategic skills and brand-specific identity systems to bring brands to life across all physical and digital touchpoints.

Brand launch

Brand identity and assets are ready? Then it’s time to take Brands to the streets. When developing the detailed implementation plan, we take into account the insights gained during the strategy phase. We design a communications plan that introduces the new brand in a thoughtful and smart way, ensuring that we reach all relevant targets and stakeholders exactly where they are.

Communication Design

We combine aesthetics and excellent understanding of design with functional communication theory. Our claim? We want to transport messages and arouse emotions. To do this, we create visual media such as graphics, typography, colors and images and use them strategically to convey a clear and consistent message that you can’t get out ofyour mind again.

Brand campaigns

We combine original copywriting with data-driven design – for scalable and performance-strong ad creatives. For advertising campaigns with maximum visibility – online and offline and everywhere.

Whether static or motion graphics, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, we create unique creatives, post designs and templates to help brands perform consistently, scalably and uniquely across all channels.

We build websites that look just like they work: very well. To this end, we conceptualize, design and develop responsive, conversion and search engine optimized websites that achieve goals.

Online marketing

Our digital strategists and marketing experts translate brand identity into digital strategy and campaigns, social media approaches, SEO, SEA, marketing automation and more. In short, we do whatever it takes to give brands maximum online visibility, including selecting the most appropriate channels for the brand.


Thanks to our own skills and our extensive partner network, we can support content production – in-house and on-site.

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Your contact person

André Schirmer
Founder and Managing Director

Brand experience - your brand impressively staged

A memorable brand experience is the key to success in a fast-paced world. We help you showcase your brand impressively and create a unique brand experience for your target audience. Our expertise includes everything from brand launches, campaigns and social media to websites.

Brand launch - launch your brand successfully

A successful brand launch is critical to the long-term success of your brand. We will guide you through the planning, design and execution of the brand launch that will capture the attention of your Customers and position your brand for the long term.

Campaigns - Putting your brand in the spotlight

Creative and effective campaigns are the be-all and end-all for a strong brand experience. We develop customized campaign concepts for all channels that put your brand in the spotlight and increase awareness and trust in your brand.

Social media - your brand in the social networks

In our connected world, social media is essential to connect with your target audience and build an emotional connection. As a brand agency, we can help you develop and implement your social media strategy that aligns with your brand and encourages interaction with your community.

Websites - Bringing your brand to life online

An engaging and user-friendly website is important to convey your brand experience online and engage your target audience. We design and develop websites that represent your brand, convey your message and meet the needs of your Customers.