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Brand success begins with an effective branding strategy. As a branding agency for Bonn, we develop unique brands that stand out in the market.

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As a branding agency for Bonn, we have experience from more than 100 projects for start-ups, companies and institutions. Scroll through our latest projects:

“Schwarz+Matt convinces with creative solutions, adherence to deadlines, uncomplicated communication and, above all, very good results.”


Gregor Boldt
Head of Press/Digital Media Department


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Branding as the key to success

In today’s competitive business world, brands are more than just logos and slogans. As a professional branding agency for Bonn, we help companies communicate their core messages, reach their target groups effectively and leave a lasting impression. It’s about creating a feeling, a story and a bond with Customers that go beyond the physical aspects of the product or service.

Why a branding agency is critical

In a digital age where consumers are confronted with numerous brand messages every day, the right branding can make all the difference. As a premier branding agency for Bonn, we bring expertise and knowledge to ensure your brand is consistent, authentic and memorable.

Holistic branding solutions

Our team consists of designers, strategists and communication experts. This combination allows us to offer holistic branding solutions that are both creatively appealing and market relevant.

Branding for long-term brand success

In a constantly changing market landscape, adaptability is essential. As a branding agency for Bonn, we develop strategies that not only take current trends into account, but also anticipate future market changes. By combining innovative design, data-driven analytics and creativity, we ensure your brand resonates today and in the future.