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As a brand agency for Duisburg, we take your ideas to the next level. Tailored strategies keep you in focus. Your triumph is our aspiration.

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As a brand agency for Duisburg, we have experience from more than 100 projects for start-ups, companies and institutions. Scroll through our latest projects:

“Schwarz+Matt convinces with creative solutions, adherence to deadlines, uncomplicated communication and, above all, very good results.”


Gregor Boldt
Head of Press/Digital Media Department


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Five reasons

Why hire a brand agency for Duisburg?

1. expertise and experience

2. uniqueness and differentiation

3. consistent brand communication

4. time and cost efficiency

5. access to the latest methods

Brand agency for Duisburg as the key to success

In today’s business environment, thoughtful brand representation counts. With our expertise as a brand agency, brand consulting, branding agency and corporate design agency, we optimize your communication so that your messages stand out and you can outperform the competition.

Expertise of our brand agency for Duisburg

With a mix of innovation and planning approach, our branding specialists are ready to help. They interpret market trends, pinpoint target groups and create individual concepts to effectively present your brand.

Differentiation in a crowded market

It is not enough to just offer an excellent product or service; it must also be presented effectively. As your brand agency, we create an unforgettable brand experience that captures the hearts of your target audience and stays with them for the long haul.

Consistent and effective brand communication

A consistent brand image across all communications is a must. From the stamp to the poster campaign – everything has to be of one piece. As a brand agency for Duisburg, we ensure stringent communication and visuals, which strengthens the reputation of your brand and intensifies the relationship with your Customers.