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Schwarz+Matt stands for the further development of a classic advertising agency for Bonn. As a modern marketing service provider, we act individually and have a high degree of flexibility.

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Power as a resource

Schwarz+Matt bundles expertise and reveals excellence in digital marketing. As part of your team, we act systematically, transparently and flexibly – adapted to the project-related need for action.

We support you in all digital change steps and create together an independent and sustainable marketing concept. This ensures a unique position and offers differentiation from the competition.

We help you create relevant brands and showcase your existing brand digitally.

With outstanding communication design, we ensure that your brand performs consistently and attention-grabbing on all channels.

When it comes to designing user experiences and user interfaces, you can rely on our expertise. We ensure consistent alignment of all measures according to your target group and their needs.

Develop a new website or relaunch the existing one? With us, both are possible. We make sure that your website becomes the strategic starting point for subsequent marketing activities.

We help you improve your visibility on Google through continuous search engine optimization (SEO). This way you will continuously gain new customers with organic traffic.

With us, your products and services become digitally visible and more in demand. This is guaranteed by our scalable and cross-channel creative campaigns.

We create the basis for the best possible sale of your products and services. With intelligent online campaigns that can be expanded at will and measured at any time.

We like that: We systematically support you in addressing your customers consistently via social media and building maximum reach.

We create emotional content and unique storytelling. This makes your products and services attention-grabbing and creates loyalty to the target group.


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Just went live

Reinvention of the advertising agency for Bonn

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Schwarz+Matt’s business idea is strongly focused on the needs of the future. The innovation of our operational structure sets us apart from a full-service advertising agency. We are a flexible service provider and offer you comprehensive services for Bonn in a dynamic and extensive portfolio. As an ambitious partner, we put your marketing resources in exactly the right place for your success.

Dynamic service provider for Bonn - not a static advertising agency

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Whether strategy consulting, social media concept, brand management, website, user experience and user interface, search engine optimization, advertising campaign or performance: We at Schwarz+Matt do not help you as a static advertising agency, but are specialized in dynamic marketing for Bonn. We differ in our behavior from a classic advertising agency in that our professionals act quickly, transparently, efficiently and flexibly. We use digital tools such as Asana, Zoom, Miro, and Slack in the way we work. This means we are equipped nationwide for the success of your project.

More efficient than classic advertising agencies for Bonn

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In contrast to a classic advertising agency, we can make changes in all project phases in a short period of time and are therefore geared to this in our process structure right from the start. As a digital service provider for Bonn, we want to work productively and directly with you. That’s why we come to you regularly for the duration of the project and, unlike other advertising agencies, keep you informed about the status of your project with short and frequent updates.

An advertising agency for Bonn with immediate availability

A good level of knowledge will allow you to act with greater confidence. We also focus on this principle and coordinate with our customers. Depending on your project-related needs, we offer you individual service support for Bonn. We don’t need an onboarding phase like in traditional advertising agencies. This minimizes the communication effort and leads to faster success. By using online tools, we can contact you or you can contact us at any time. We have always focused on transparency and prioritize it at every stage of the project. A core measure to engage customers as an integral part of our team.