Thinking the future

We started three years ago. We thought as an advertising agency. Today we have outgrown it and know: Companies do not need a full-service advertising agency, but a holistic marketing consultancy. Our customers don’t want to advertise, they want to grow.

With this realization we have not only transformed ourselves, but simultaneously reinvented ourselves. Today we advise start-ups and companies in digital transformation, with disruptive thinking, holistic marketing and efficient solutions.

Thinking and acting are the pillars of our work. Thus, we unite the services of consulting, digital and communication agencies under one roof: the new Schwarz+Matt.

Digital transformation is already a reality. Innovative technologies and unlimited possibilities challenge us. This teaches us that the future begins anew each day. If it makes sense, we reinvent ourselves again.

Faithful to our new slogan: Thinking the future.


Idea providers, lateral thinkers und young visionaries

The team thinks. Once straight ahead, then with the courage to think laterally. Everyone in our team has their own task. Because everyone has their own skills. We bundle floating thoughts into solutions. It’s that simple. But also so difficult.

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Key figures


A new customer every week? This is not our claim, but reality. Of course we grow with our customers. But that also means: our customers grow through us.


Even after three years, the founder’s heart still beats in us. We have been able to transform some of this passion into company foundations and start-ups. This can be done because we always treat and refresh our creative reserves.


And probably one more while this text is being written. The fact that our postings generate this scope proves how important social media is. We are doing everything we can to make Schwarz+Matt even more worth following.

Target groups

Actually, we don’t have any target groups. We are not looking for projects, but the tasks find us. We ourselves were founders yesterday and are entrepreneurs today. This has shaped us and our thinking. But we allow ourselves this freedom: to be open to everything that comes our way.


We create marketing structures for start-ups and establish them in the market.


We help chains to develop and effectively use marketing across all channels.


We are driven by entrepreneurial thinking and bring people and ideas together.


As former founders we help with the first steps and the market entry.


We transform marketing and prepare companies for the digital era. We make companies competitive.

Family enterprises

We initiate change and growth. At the same time, we respect the accomplishments.

Brand leaders

Our strategic and creative consulting goes beyond advertising agencies. We develop solutions instead of implementing them.

Large corporations

We help you to make your marketing more innovative and efficient.

New brands

Our marketing expertise generates growth.


Agency model? Pace.

We are really good at one thing: learning fast. We have to, because challenges have no limits. That’s why we create structures for ourselves and our clients that accelerate processes and promote precision. If we have a goal in mind, we get there faster. Everyone wins.

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Between residence and vision

Dortmund is not a dream city. But dreams arise in Dortmund. Ours were created here. Between coal, once upon a time, and services, today. Between grey days and sunshine. Between cheering and moaning. Between Nordstadt and Gartenstadt. Somewhere here our dreams have grown up. We are taking care for them.

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