Brian Ossowski

Web designer

Full power in web design

Brian has been supporting our web team as a web designer since August 2023 in the technical implementation of WordPress sites and in the creation of design templates for websites.

He brings a lot of professional experience and expertise to the table:

After his school education as a state-certified design assistant with a focus on media and communication, he completed an in-company apprenticeship as a media designer for digital and print design and technology. He then worked as a media designer digital & print, as a web designer, art director digital and web and UX designer and finally as a web designer. We are very pleased that he is now putting his concentrated web design expertise to work for us.

In his spare time, he converts a Fiat Ducato into a panel van and shares his progress on Instagram under @van.fantastic. A pretty cool project!

As a balance, he likes to work in the garden, go jogging, visit the flea markets in Dortmund, implement DIY projects, deal with photography or travel around the world – hopefully soon with the van.

We are mega excited to have Brian on our team as a creative mind and expert in the technical implementation of websites.