Between home and vision

Dortmund is not a dream city. But dreams are made in Dortmund. Ours were created here. Between coal, once upon a time, and service, today. Between gray days and sunshine. Between cheering and complaining. Between North and Gartenstadt. Somewhere here our dreams have grown up. We cherish and care for them.

Dortmund is home and Dortmund is our best location. Dortmund is central. We are quickly everywhere in Germany, in a few hours at any place in Europe. That makes us agile. Dortmund is metropolitan.

The conurbation “Ruhr Area” offers opportunities like Berlin, Paris or London. We will use them. Dortmund is changeable. From coal to services, from steel to digitalization. That keeps us moving. Dortmund is diverse. The tension between extremes gives rise to an energy all its own. That’s what drives us.

We are part of this region, but our vision goes far beyond that.