Jannis Falk

Art director

With attention to detail

Janni’s career path was already paved at school. Whenever there was no paper handy, the table had to be used for creative work and visual designs. To consolidate this fascination, Jannis decided to train as a design assistant in the field of digital and print media.

This was followed by studies to become a communication designer, during which Jannis was able to further develop his professional and personal skills.

Now Jannis has outgrown student life and is starting a new challenge as art director at Schwarz+Matt. He wants to give Schwarz+Matt’s design a clear reference to craftsmanship and implement purpose-driven designs. Jannis works with a love of detail and enjoys taking on new challenges of trend-driven and creatively complex media.

Fun Fact: Jannis doesn’t like the term “designer”, he sees himself as an art director, since everyone can claim to be a designer.