Niklas Engeling

Senior Art Director

Want some corporate sound? Niklas regulates.

Niklas Engeling Portrait

Since the beginning of September Niklas enriches our team in the area of audio branding and motion design – but somehow this description doesn’t do him justice at all. Some take longer to settle in at the beginning, Niklas goes from 0 to 100 immediately. That fits in perfectly with our team spirit.

Niklas is a creative jack-of-all-trades: he has been a self-employed music producer and songwriter for over 9 years, which is quite successful with more than 23 million streams. In the role as co-producer of Stereoact he even reached #6 in the album charts. Niklas also has considerable agency experience, including as Creative Director and Head of Audio Branding.

At our company, Niklas brings something new to our branding process in addition to his expertise in motion graphics and animation – corporate sound and audio branding. Because brands can be experienced with more than just one sense. This puts us in an ideal position to put unique brands on the road for tomorrow.

We are mega happy to have you on board. You are an enrichment, despite the fact that you always say goodbye with “Tschüsseldorf” and “San FranTschüssko”.