Dennis Losch

Frontend Developer


Of Beats and Bits

Dennis Losch is a self made man. Much of what he can do he has taught himself, and that is not little.

At first glance, his résumé reads like a smooth copy: grown up in Dortmund-Eving, grammar school, Abitur, civil service AWO, studied communication design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, graphic designer as a freelancer, now web developer at Schwarz+Matt.

But Dennis is not a model student – and he doesn’t want to be one either. His great passion is music, or rather Alternative Rock and Trap (HipHop). He raps, plays several instruments and is active as a producer. The music and much more connects him with his twin brother. But everything that belongs to his music, he taught himself. As well as the entire keyboard of the HTML and CSS codes.

His goals? To create something lasting with music and to be a role model. We are sure that Dennis will also leave footprints at Schwarz+Matt.

Dennis, hit the keys and the keyboard. It will be exciting with you.