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How do you get young people excited about apprenticeships in the digital age? With Dortmund at work, we deliver not just an approach, but a solution.

Dortmund at work campaign

About Dortmund city

Dortmund at work gives young people an insight into interesting occupational fields and at the same time supports them in their career and study orientation. So good, so boring! But how do you really reach Generation Z these days and get them excited about topics like training, choosing a career or studying?

A strong community for the talents of the future

We have developed a complete solution package for this issue: A strong corporate design, a plausible campaign name and social media and online measures tailored to the target group. At Dortmund at work, young people present themselves, their workplace and their company. Through user-generated content, the guys and girls share their first experiences on the job with the community. Through the interaction-strong postings an active community is built up which continues to grow. Another benefit: With the respective entrepreneurs, another target group profits. With Dortmund at work, they can authentically present exciting career fields, describe job openings and establish links to future employees.

A strong media response in the local press to the creative platform.

More than 34 companies from various industries participated in the campaign within a short period of time, offering career field explorations, internships, apprenticeships and/or dual study programs.

Build an active community on Facebook and Instagram with an average engagement rate of over 22%.


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