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emma & noah is an online mail order company for more than just cute baby products. The company combines sustainability, durability, quality and timeless designs, setting itself apart from cheap mass production.


emma & noah




Textile and fashion

Image editing, business cards, brochures & more - no problem!

Our collaboration began with the editing of product images and cut-outs, including color matching and retouching. What began as a simple project developed into a comprehensive, ongoing design project. Our team took on the design of business cards, trade fair banners and the development of print and digital brochures. We took our cue from the corporate design and incorporated other creative ideas to visually reflect the company and its individuality 1-to-1. Thanks to S+M’s fast response times for subscriptions, even last-minute requests could be processed and implemented in no time at all.

The result: more than 200 new product release notes on the website and fresh marketing material in the form of business cards, banners and brochures for a consistent corporate image. The customer is happy & so are we!
And the best part? The collaboration continues. With our S+M Plus subscription, we support emma & noah in their marketing activities in the long term.


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