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The task was simple and clear: how to attract German tourists to a small travel company from Iceland?

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About Erlingsson Nature Travel

The company is named after and owned by Hörður Erlingsson, who emerged as one of the pioneers in the field of nature tourism as a tour guide and tour developer. The many years of experience and knowledge of the home country Iceland, let Erlingsson Nature Tours in the design of adventurous tours.

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Already 600 new leads after 2 months

Our team came up with the idea of developing a lead tool in the form of a custom trip planner and implementing it on Erlingsson’s website.
The focus was on the conception of an up-to-date landing page on which users are guided through a form in 5 steps in order to be rewarded with an individual travel offer. In just two months, the custom trip planner has generated over 600 leads from adventurous Iceland fans.

In a few steps to the adventure

We had the idea to develop a lead tool in the form of an individual travel planner and implement it on the website.

Schwarz+Matt has created a brand new landing page for this purpose, which guides users through a simple form in five steps. At the end of the form, personal data is requested and users are rewarded with an individual offer.

The travel planner was promoted through various channels to drive maximum traffic to the new landing page. Of course, only with users relevant to the target group.

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600 leads in two months

The custom trip planner generated over 600 leads from adventurous Iceland fans in just two months.

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