Google Ads for national gym chain

In a nutshell

In addition to the existing social ads channels, we established the Google Ads channel and generated conversions at a comparable cost.

Fitness & Co. Google Ads

About Fitness & Co.

Fitness & Co. – the somewhat different fitness studio with now 11 locations. EMS training (electrical muscle stimulation) offers the opportunity to build and strengthen your muscles in just 20 minutes per week.

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Strong performance

The main focus during the collaboration was on the Google Ads channel. The channel had to be relaunched and the conversion tracking on the website was revised to reflect reliable and measurable performance.

Via the Google search network and the display network, campaigns were set up for the 11 different locations and targeted for different areas of application (e.g. muscle building, weight reduction, etc.) and target groups.

In addition, video sequences for YouTube ads were scheduled.

More leads. Less cost.

Since the collaboration, it has been possible to increase the number of conversions per site while reducing the cost per conversion (CpC).

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