Corporate design for master craftsmen

In a nutshell

The repositioning of the masterpieces in terms of content and visuals turns the Dortmund craftsmen into problem solvers and successfully puts them in the spotlight.

Masterpieces brochure

About Masterpieces

The “Meisterwerke” brand turns craftsmen into problem solvers and puts them on the map successfully: experienced, fast, meticulous and easy to work with. The media used work because the positioning of the brand is consistently thought of from the user’s perspective. In this way, address, corporate design and communication tools become functional instruments that generate inquiries and thus growth for the masterpieces.

Problem solutions from a single source

How do you turn a handful of masterful craftsmen into an attractive renovator brand? In which potential redevelopers receive a complete service package that includes not only all trades, but also financing and construction support. And thus provides all problem solutions from a single source. The slogan “Carefree renovation!


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