Stay clean and save the world

Toiletries to throw away and sustainability. Does that go together? It does now. With the establishment of the Green Hygiene brand, Huchtemeier Papier GmbH has developed a solution for environmentally harmful waste in sanitary facilities with the holistic support of the Schwarz+Matt marketing agency. The environmentally friendly towels as well as the toilet paper not only consist of 100% certified recycled paper and are produced CO2 neutral, they are also packed completely plastic-free. Green Hygiene has thus successfully declared war on environmental pollution.

Sustainability is an issue that affects us all. So Schwarz+Matt was also on fire and took up the challenge of creating a convincing brand from the idea, which will conquer not only the B2B but also the B2C market. Green Hygiene should permeate the entire retail chain: from the manufacturer to the retailer, to the consumer.

After extensive consultation and brainstorming sessions, the design team was faced with the task of creating a convincing brand image. Now Green Hygiene stands out with a clear and minimalist corporate design and a strong image brand. The design determines the overall presence of the brand and so the products have also been given eye-catching packaging that makes Green Hygiene stand out on the shelf. But it is not only on the shelves that the brand is now convincing with the new corporate design: Schwarz+Matt has also conceived the Green Hygiene website in addition to the packaging design and has taken over the production of the image material.

In order to appeal to consumers not only visually, but especially emotionally, Schwarz+Matt has created new characters. Every product now has its own name: Frieda, Rainer and Hannelore are more likeable than “Folding Cloth TJ2-320-RC75”.

Through successful storytelling, a great deal of attention can be achieved in the course of the product launch. The topic of sustainability becomes a congenial part of the toilet, which ends with the remark: “You have to go to the toilet here.

To take the marketing of Green Hygiene to the next level, we have also brought the story into the digital world. The products called Frieda and Co. became protagonists of a radio play. The central idea is to make recycling tangible and to tell an exciting story about the products’ past. The roll of paper you are currently using may have been a packaging in a perfumery in your previous life. Soon these and other stories will be heard in the sanitary rooms.

With the development of the brand, the conception of a marketing strategy as well as the convincing brand appearance of Green Hygiene, the basis for the further cooperation between Schwarz+Matt and Huchtemeier Papier GmbH has been laid. The creative positioning lets us expect great success and we are happy to be part of a product launch that makes our world a little better – and above all cleaner.





Huchtemeier Papier GmbH


Consumer Goods


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March 2020