In a nutshell

Transformation is the motto of our time. Innovative technologies are changing the world, brands and us. As a digital branding and design agency, we use our imagination to turn companies into brands and brands into digital experiences. Our services range from strategic consulting, design and development to marketing – we create brands that stand out from the competition and become growth drivers.

Brand strategy

Love brands don’t just fall out of the sky. They are the product of a good strategy. We turn one-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional brands by thinking about internal as well as social factors, unique selling points, corporate goals and values. This is the only way to tell an unforgettable brand story that inspires.

Markenberatung, Markenaudit, Markenanalyse, Markenworkshop, Markenarchitektur, Markenpositionierung, Markenkern, Arbeitgebermarke

Brand identity

We translate the essential brand elements into visual, verbal, spatial and acoustic components and thus shape the identity – with a unique fingerprint. These audio-visual features guarantee a coherent brand experience that can be experienced with all the senses – both physically and digitally.

Verbal Identity, Visual Identity, Sound Identity, Spatial Identity, Brand Management

Brand experience

We think brands holistically. That’s why we focus on creating equally holistic brand experiences. We want to connect people and brands. To do this, we leverage our strategic skills and brand-specific identity systems to bring brands to life across all physical and digital touchpoints.

Brand launch, brand and product campaigns, communication design, social media, websites, digital marketing, content production

Schwarz+Matt Plus

Schwarz+Matt Plus is your go-to resource for ongoing design services. You get access to the best designers in the industry – in an uncomplicated subscription tailored to your needs. The special thing? Our services are as individual as your requirements and the contingent is tailored to your needs.

Ad Creative, Social Creative, Email Design, Landing Page Design, Presentation Design, Merchandise Design, E-Book Design, Report Design, Print Design, Brand Design, Concept Creation