Social media manual for a leading housing provider

In a nutshell

Since 2020, we have been helping the leading housing provider in NRW to conquer social media. Strategy development and digital campaigns, e.g. for the new student housing, help to grow in new target groups to grow.


Under the motto “Living where the heart beats”, VIVAWEST, as one of the leading housing providers in North Rhine-Westphalia, manages almost 120,000 apartments on the Rhine and Ruhr. VIVAWEST thus provides a home for around 300,000 people and, with more than 2,000 employees, is an important employer in the region. VIVAWEST’s corporate headquarters are located on the site of the former Nordstern colliery in Gelsenkirchen.


Distinctive design

As one of the leading housing companies in North Rhine-Westphalia, VIVAWEST is naturally active on social media. Posts created in-house and externally now follow a uniform design. The visuals and templates developed by Schwarz+Matt give VIVAWEST’s social media presence a young, fresh and dynamic design.

The objective was to consolidate the positioning, expand customer loyalty and strengthen the VIVAWEST brand in social media. For this purpose, Schwarz+Matt developed a social media design manual that enables employees without special design skills to anchor posts with VIVAWEST through a distinctive design.

The target groups and fields of application were jointly developed in a kick-off workshop. The Social Media Design Manual for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter defines rules and design templates for all deployable content and formats (16:9, 9:16, 1:1). User-friendly templates are now available for each application, allowing content such as illustrations, photos, videos, headlines and texts to be composed into effective posts.

Based on VIVAWEST’s corporate design, the social media design manual is optimized for digital communication. Components include logo and profile image optimization, defining imagery, defining emojis, icons and hashtags, feed design rules and before/after representations. Social media managers can use the tool developed by Schwarz+Matt to generate and design posts by simply following the step-by-step instructions and guidelines.

Based on the social media design manual by Schwarz+Matt, VIVAWEST now communicates in a new and distinctive design.


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