Progressive corporate design for a food start-up

In a nutshell

yummy is new. yummy is different. yummy is delicious. The funded start-up from Munich approached us with a request to create a brand identity for their plant-based instant ramen that would not only stand out on the supermarket shelf, but make people want more (ramen) across all touchpoints.

About yummy

Founded in 2021 by Sebastian Büchte, Pascal Lehmann and Patrick Sbosny, the startup yummy not only pursues the mission of bringing a healthy meal to supermarket shelves with its plant-based instant ramen, but also of doing something good for the planet. The founding trio combines decades of experience in star cuisine with e-commerce as well as management know-how and has set itself the goal of making healthy eating faster, easier and tastier.

Yummy logo

Brand design that is as yummy as the content

Of course, our team didn’t need to be told twice. Finally, we create brands according to a special recipe: In several strategy workshops, we evaluated the naming, goals and wishes together with the founding team. It had to be simple and eye-catching, just really yummy.

With the unique brand design, we thought about all the modern touchpoints right from the start: Within just 8 weeks, the new brand went to market with a big “Nom, Nom, Now” – so if that’s not yummy , we don’t know what is.


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