More reach and subscriptions for the BVB magazine

In a nutshell

Schwarz+Matt is to generate more reach and measurable conversions for various subscriptions to the Borussini children’s magazine via the existing online store.

Borussini Social Ads

About Borussini

44 black and yellow pages – and especially for children: that’s Borussini. In the BVB kids’ magazine, you’ll find exclusive BVB interviews, great player portraits, exciting puzzles and cool posters, as well as plenty of training tips and background knowledge about the world of Borussia Dortmund.

Borussini Logo

Younger. Cooler. More colorful.

To achieve an increase in reach, Google Display Ads were placed on websites relevant to the target group and a corresponding awareness campaign was played out via Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, campaigns were designed specifically for the relevant subscriptions via the Google Ads search network and social ads to increase the conversion rate in the store. With the help of retargeting measures, we supported the users’ decision with corresponding discount codes, which could be redeemed in the store for a limited period of time.

980% more orders

Since the beginning of the cooperation, we have achieved a 980% increase in the number of orders in the store.

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