International relaunch of the corporate design

In a nutshell

In the context of strong growth, the founders decided to subject the corporate design to an international relaunch.

About Educaro

Educaro is an edutech startup that guides people from non-European countries into Western labor markets and places of study. Educaro uses digital processes such as e-learning, apps and global networking for this purpose.

Educaro Logo

Scalable corporate design - convincing across national borders

As a first step, the brand positioning was sharpened in terms of content and language and agreed as a basis for further work. The central story in the communication is the “journey” from the country of origin to Germany.

For the logo relaunch, the existing visual was reinterpreted. Part of the corporate design is also the development of internationally understandable pictograms for analog and digital use. The new corporate design also describes a new color world for digital use.

So that the international websites can be implemented country-specifically, the screen design shows the use of the corporate design.

Even for the office and learning rooms in the countries of origin, a separate room design was conceived that integrates elements of the travel motif into the design and defines spaces within the new color world.

All features of the corporate design can be scaled indefinitely for new countries and professional fields. At the same time Educaro is able to realize the implementations effectively and country-specific independently and thus build up a strong brand. Mission? Accomplished.


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