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In a nutshell

Making the world cleaner and quieter with modern technologies – with this vision, the tiantie group wants to be successful in important markets. The aim is to establish the brand as the basis of the market strategy with high awareness.

Tiantie Group Corporate Design

About Tiantie Group

Tiantie Group, based in Tiantai, is a Chinese company specializing in noise and vibration mitigation technologies for rails, level crossings, buildings and industrial applications. The more than 900 employees develop and produce application-specific, high-performance noise and vibration control technology and rubber products that ensure the highest quality standards.

Tiantie Group Logo

technology for a quieter tomorrow

The Chinese noise and vibration reduction company had to redefine its previously national branding across countries, languages and cultures in order to become visible beyond national borders.

The content and visual target and implementation were developed in joint workshops and in partnership between the tiantie group and the agency team.

In its current positioning, the company is described as an innovative, trustworthy partner. The slogan “technology for a quieter tomorrow” reduces the company’s vision to the essentials.

The corporate identity of the company brand was defined in a comprehensive design manual for analog and digital media and can now be implemented visually at every location. Adaptations of this design, for example as datasheets, are important tools for communication in the markets.

Based on the new brand identity, an English-language website was created, which, with product details, is to become the anchor of a dialog based on partnership.

Digital Branding
  • Positioning: Slogan
  • Brand Design: Logo, Corporate Design, Design Manual, Key Visuals, Icons, Presentation Master, Data Sheets
Tiantie Group Logo
Brand design in every detail

To make Zhejiang Tiantie's innovative approach understandable internationally, the design team developed a design language for the branding that transcends country, language and culture. This was defined for the creation of product illustrations (in 3D design), animations, videos, photo-realistic representations and orientation icons and updated for analog and digital media.

With Schwarz+Matt's Brand Guide, Zhejiang Tiantie can successfully unfold its communication.

Tiantie Group Broschüren
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