Digital opening campaign for the supermarket of the future

In a nutshell

For the opening, the production of image and video material for social media and the press ensured national attention for the new shopping brand.

About TYPY

The new TYPY store at Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen is the first, but many more are to follow. The market launch was thus the acid test of whether the vision could be expanded: Digital shopping, robot-assisted, contactless and available 24/7.

Scalability for future locations

In close collaboration with the client and our media designers, we created an adaptation of the digital branding for the social media feed. On this basis, the digital campaign was rolled out for the market launch. Schwarz+Matt created key visuals and slogans to be played out as social ads in the local area around the store.

The result: Just like the innovative store concept, digital communication has proven scalability for future locations.

Our services for the supermarket of the future

Digital Branding

UI design: design of the app
Social media design: adaptation of the branding to the social media feed, icon design for social media

Digital Marketing

Campaign: development of key visuals and slogans
Social Ads: Placing social ads in the vicinity of the store

Digital Content

Content creation: production of image and video material of the opening for social media and the press

TYPY Kampagne
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