Fresh corporate design for financial experts

In a nutshell

FinanzGlobus makes it its mission to transform the financial industry. As part of this transformation, Matt redeveloped the company’s corporate design.

About FinanzGlobus

FinanzGlobus offers its Customers tailor-made financial advice in the areas of investments, real estate, retirement planning and protection. The company positions itself as a financial expert with connections to industry specialists and at the same time acts as a platform for exchange for the financial community.

Redevelop the corporate design

FinanzGlobus needed a corporate design that captures the company’s values and USP and conveys them to Customers. At the same time, it should overcome old clichés of the financial industry and present finance as a fun, but also serious topic.

Our task was to make the brand tangible and perceptible and at the same time convey an impression of luxury, exclusivity and professionalism through the corporate design.

& our team didn’t need to be told twice. After a joint workshop with the client, our designers came up with logo ideas, created a brand-appropriate color scheme and researched a suitable imagery. In addition, we created the typography, designed key visuals and worked out layout principles. We handed over the finished corporate design to the satisfied customer, including Mini-Manuel.


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