Conversion increase for aesthetic practice clinic

In a nutshell

We optimized performance marketing across all channels to ensure sustainable capacity utilization at the two locations in Unna.

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UNIQAESTHETICS® is a private clinic for cosmetic surgery in Unna and offers your patients maximum quality and safety standards for all treatments.

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Measurably more conversions

Schwarz+Matt is responsible for generating measurably more conversions for various treatments via the website. The aim is to ensure sustainable and controllable capacity utilization for the two sites in Unna.

Across all channels

For this purpose, a strategic concept was developed that directly engages several channels.

Google Ads were used to map all relevant keywords across the search network in the Unna area and beyond. All website visitors were then retargeted via the Google Display Network and directed to the appropriate landing pages.

In parallel to these campaigns, social ads were run via the Facebook and Instagram channels as well as native ads to inform the relevant target groups.

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480% more conversions

Since the beginning of the cooperation, we have achieved a 480% increase in conversion.

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