Branding, website and social media marketing for a cosmetics start-up

In a nutshell

How do you establish a new product in a highly competitive market?
Two young founders set Schwarz+Matt this task. Their vision: to penetrate the beauty market with sustainable, vegan and skin-friendly products.

About malou cosmea

The new product, a vegan eyelash serum without chemical additives, is the pilot project of the Dortmund Amazon experts. The problem: the creation and establishment of a completely new brand in a short time.

Branding across all (digital) touchpoints

After several brand workshops, the vision, mission and core values were quickly defined using proven tools. The new brand name we developed describes the brand essence and at the same time distinguishes itself from the competition: malou cosmea.

The corporate design also succeeds in echoing the Californian lifestyle: hand-painted brushstrokes and colors reminiscent of desert landscapes of the Coachella Valley are complemented by golden color accents.

The dynamic corporate design allows the figurative mark to vary depending on the type of product. This means that further beauty products can be integrated into the brand universe at a later date. With the ABeeZee font, we chose a handwritten-looking typography that reflects the brand’s personality.

Together with the founders, we are now continuing to write the story of the brand:

Thus Schwarz+Matt developed the website incl. online store, conceived the product design for market communication and manages the social media channels including the management of influencers.


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