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As a UX/UI agency, we focus on the user. With custom UX and UI designs, we appeal to your target audience and ensure a smooth user experience. We achieve maximum traffic with predictability, simplicity and consistency.

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User Experience Design (UX)

We design experiences by analyzing, creating and optimizing the user experience. With usability and feel, we make complex systems simple, develop wireframes, and enhance the user’s experience so they feel confident at all times before, during, and after interactive use.

We visually design your digital application. With a creative, dynamic and functional interface, we influence the user’s impression and convey the goal of the application as well as your brand message through visual expressions. Through layouts, colors and typography we create an appealing design.


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UI design focuses on the one hand on the visual design of interactive applications. On the other hand, UX design aims to provide users with a positive user experience. The focus is on how the user should feel during and after interaction with the user interface. In summary, UI design focuses on the appearance and UX design of digital applications.

The use of websites is crucial in everyday digital life. UX makes it easy for your customers to navigate your website and do what they need to do – without having to search for the right information first.

The cost of working with Schwarz+Matt depends on various factors, such as the size of the company and the target groups, the number and selection of networks to be serviced, and the formulated corporate goals. Feel free to send us a no-obligation request for a free initial consultation, in which we will discuss your needs and wishes together. We then prepare an individual offer incl. Effort estimation.

Usability is best translated as user-friendliness. Usability describes the degree to which a product, system, or service is used effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily by a particular user in a particular application environment to achieve a particular goal. Good usability usually goes unnoticed, whereas poor usability is perceived in concrete terms.

UX encompasses more than just usability; much like user experience itself, UX is multi-faceted and includes factors such as usefulness, findability, usability, and credibility, among others. In addition to these main factors, many other aspects play into the user experience.

UX/UI design for relevant traffic

As a UX/UI agency, Schwarz+Matt is committed to making it easier for our clients’ potential customers to engage with us. With a suitable user experience and visually designed user interface, we present complex processes in a simple way and thus help our customers to navigate their prospects easily with little effort. Thus, prospects become potential customers and a first conversion is achieved without consuming a lot of resources.

We are experts in design and web development. Thus, we combine two important expertise under one roof to provide your business with the best UX and UI. Our focus is on customer experience, interactions and monitoring.

Schwarz+Matt designs UX and UI for startups, midsize companies, enterprises and brands. Our experts analyze and evaluate all UX/UI actions in the aftermath to take quick optimizations to maximize relevant traffic.