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As a performance marketing agency, we are your business partner for digital growth! We offer you performance along the entire customer journey and focus on the targeted optimization of your conversion rate!

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Social Advertising

We conceptualize and design social media strategies, individually tailored to your company’s goals. A holistic consulting is the focus of our work to position your brand optimally in social networks.

Whether SEA, Display Ads or YouTube, as a certified Google Ads agency we help you with attention-grabbing campaigns in the largest advertising network in the world to more sales and profits.

With the flood of advertising messages that every person receives every day, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. In online marketing, we call this the “thumb-stopper effect.” Our design team specializes in high-performance communication design and helps you generate not only reach but action (conversions)!

As certified affiliate marketing managers, we skilfully place the products and services of your online store on publishers’ portals (partner websites, voucher providers, price comparison sites, blogs, etc.) in your target group in order to achieve a high reach with low wastage and to increase the conversion rate.

We bring shopping cart abandoners back into your online store and turn them into your customers! With the targeted use of remarketing or retargeting, we increase your sales and make cross-selling potential visible.

A newsletter every 3 months? Not with us! We take a holistic approach to email marketing and use responsive designs and marketing automation to ensure an efficient approach at all stages of your customer lifecycle.

“With performance marketing, we make success from digital campaigns measurable and, above all, scalable. Only by regularly analyzing the data, numbers and performance insights and the resulting measures can we focus on the profitability of the campaigns.”

Tobias Heimann

Tobias Heimann, Online Marketing Manager

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In performance marketing, we combine various online marketing efforts into a strategic campaign setup that intends to trigger measurable responses in your target audience. These can be e-commerce transactions, i.e. orders or bookings of your products or services in your online store, or leads in the form of contact inquiries, appointment bookings or similar. Ongoing campaign optimization is the focus of our work in order to successively maximize your return on investment.

In performance marketing, it is essential to reach the relevant target group(s) where they are and to define customer journeys. Through a holistic performance strategy, we guarantee to measurably reach your customers from initial contact to purchase and, through CRM measures, beyond.

In order to assess the success of our work and to be able to draw conclusions and learnings from the results, it is important to make user behavior on your website or online store measurable. We set up a detailed tracking setup consisting of cookie-based tracking (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) and cookieless tracking (GA4, Facebook Conversion API, etc.) for you. Basically, we follow the approach: No campaign launch without tracking!

The most relevant channels in performance marketing include social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Co. as well as the Google universe (Search Engine Advertising, Google Display Network, etc.). But also affiliate marketing, SEO or email marketing are by no means to be neglected. However, it is not possible to make a general assessment of which networks should be used. Tailored to the individual company goals and the relevant target groups, we analyze which channels are strategically best suited to your digital brand communication.

The process of working with Schwarz+Matt depends largely on the scope of your needs and your goals. As a rule, the collaboration begins with a two- to three-week onboarding phase in which the status quo is analyzed, ideas are conceived in the form of a communications concept, and the performance strategy is developed. This is followed by ongoing support in the form of a monthly retainer, in which defined measures are implemented and continuously optimized. In regular reporting meetings, e.g. weekly or monthly, the results are presented, jointly evaluated and future measures derived. We recommend a term of at least three months.

The cost of working with Schwarz+Matt depends on various factors, such as the size of the company and the target groups, the number and selection of networks to be serviced, and the formulated corporate goals. Feel free to send us a no-obligation request for a free initial consultation, in which we will discuss your needs and wishes together. We then prepare an individual offer incl. Effort estimation.

Performance marketing for your company

As a performance marketing agency in Dortmund, we offer you holistic consulting and expertise in performance advertising.

Whether it’s Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn Ads or TikTok Ads, we increase your conversion rate on social media through targeted ad campaigns. The conception of a performance strategy is the focus of our work.

Through SEO and SEA we ensure that your brand and the associated products or services can be found optimally at any time. If required, our certified AWIN Affiliate Marketing Managers will work with relevant publishers who will cleverly transport your advertising message on their channels.

Schwarz+Matt has made it its mission to transform our customers’ communications through digitization. This includes building a strong online marketing presence. Our employees are experts in the field of online marketing and help you to build, increase and maintain a high level of sustainable performance.