Brand values that make brands valuable

In a nutshell

How do you make your buying decisions? Most of us make decisions based on gut instinct. If the brand represents the same values as we ourselves, we perceive it more positively right away: If there is a fit, we grab it. If it doesn’t fit like that, we’d better leave it alone. Brand values can therefore be an essential growth driver, but above all they should be one thing: honest.

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What we help you with

We first have to get to know the brand and the company in detail. Therefore, a target group, company and market analysis is required at the beginning.


What does your team itself say about your company? What image do you have of yourself? If you have a concrete self-image, this helps to accelerate company decisions and strengthen your own identity – both internally and externally.

What distinguishes your industry in general?

What distinguishes your target group?


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In detail

Brand values are a long-term promise to your clientele

In a world that is becoming more uncertain and increasingly complex in its offerings, there is a need for authentic brand characters that stand out in their perception through skill and continuity. What counts are brand personalities with tangible values and special communication quality. Why? Differentiate brands with strong values. This is crucial for success, especially in homogeneous markets, and can even help to increase the benefit for your Customers. – symbolic and psychosocial.

Brand values should not only sound nice, but also be lived out

We evaluate a memorable and comprehensible brand promise that stays in the mind. In doing so, we stay true to the brand by working our way from the inside out. As part of the marketing strategy, we use compelling brand values to create memorable associations for your Customers, so that they always prefer your brand over the competition.


How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). Together we evaluate the positioning, competition and architecture of the corporate brand. We first have to immerse ourselves in your corporate culture so that we can swim our lanes safely .


Conception and design

We give your brand personality an expressive face. So that you see your business as we see it, we create a concept that outlines colors, shapes, logo and typo. Your Go is our starting signal and we go into designing. No idea is lost: We record everything essential in our guidelines. So that you have a solid foundation on which to build excellent visualized brands.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. As digital natives, we support you in the rollout of your brand. Whether social media marketing, ad campaigns, website and more – individual goals require individual services. We give our all every day. Our unyielding sense of aesthetics and innovation allows nothing else.


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What are the actual brand values?

+ Substance values are common in the industry and are practiced as a matter of course.
+ Differential values are rather uncommon in the industry and therefore especially important when it comes to differentiating your brand.
+ Core values, these are the values that make up your company in concrete terms

Because convincing values ensure that you differentiate yourself from competitors and pick up your Customers on an emotional level. Reminder: Purchasing decisions are emotional decisions. Brand values not only strengthen your image to the outside world, they also make corporate decisions easier, since the values provide an overarching code that points the way forward.

Brand values are an important component of identity-based brand management and social psychological constructs that clarify what a brand stands for and the values behind its actions. Brand values represent the basic convictions of a brand, its managers and employees. It is the brand values that express important emotional components of the brand identity.

Brand positioning is a kind of control instrument, so to speak, which enables the development of a strong brand image as well as a brand identity. It sometimes takes a little longer for a brand’s image to become firmly established in the minds of consumers. Therefore, the brand should position itself when it enters the market – this is then referred to as active brand positioning.

Schwarz+Matt increases brand value

As an agency for branding and digital design from Dortmund, our designers and brand strategists specialize in the development and design of outstanding brands. In order to meet the ever-changing market demands of our fast-paced times, we develop digitally powerful designs that are unique and stay that way. We never stop learning and are always on the lookout for new or better solutions to respond agilely to trends and new requirements.

Our brand strategy workshops serve as an essential foundation for our work, on which brand positioning, naming, claiming, brand architecture, brand values and everything else are built. Because brands only grow upwards successfully from the inside out. In addition, we support start-ups, medium-sized businesses, companies, brands and marketing departments but also in all tasks in the areas of corporate design, graphic design, communication design, motion design and print design.

Schwarz+Matt has made it its mission to transform communication through digitization. Our team bundles expertise in the field of design and provides support in sustainably improving the visual brand presence and increasing brand value.

The focus of our work is on the implementation of integrative processes. We pursue the goal of working not only for, but with our customers. We want to be more than an external service provider – as part of our customers’ internal marketing department. This enables us to tap into new target group potential, intensify existing customer relationships and sustainably increase growth.