Print design that attracts attention

In a nutshell

Even if digital is becoming increasingly important: An eye-catching print design is and remains an essential component of good brand communication – because it makes brands tangible. As a print design agency, we create high-quality and individual design concepts for print media that are tailored 1-to-1 to your corporate design – for consistency down to the last detail.

Lensing Media


What we help you with

Magazine and Newspaper

We create customized magazine or newspaper ads that grab the attention of your target audience.

We create complete and individual designs for your book: we take care of layout, book cover and all creative elements necessary to prepare the book for publication.

You need flyers, leaflets, brochures and co? You’ve come to the right place! We make sure that your brand messages reach exactly where you need them to.

We design original posters according to your needs, whether it’s for a movie, party, trade show or none of the above – we’ll make sure your posters attract attention.

We design business stationery that matches your corporate design. But we can do much more. Just ask us.

  • Reports
  • Guides
  • White Paper
  • Stationery
  • Business cards

We provide you with customized promotional materials, displays, posters and banners to keep you in the minds of your target audience at events, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions.


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In detail

Why Print Design? For consistent branding that achieves goals

Need business cards, letterhead, stamps, building signage, a brochure or flyer? We give companies the custom-fit print designs they need to hit the mark with their brand communications. Because in a fast-paced, digital world, it’s sometimes good to have something in hand that lasts.

Sustainable Print Design

Based on the requirements, we as a print design agency work closely with both online and local printers to cover all quality requirements. We are happy to assist you with the selection of format, paper, production and whatever else you need support with – we know DIN and printing processes. You tell us what you need, we’ll do the rest.

“Good print design is the ideal complement to the digital world and digital advertising. Above all, the interaction creates an interactive brand experience. Print design conveys seriousness, credibility and simply stays in the mind longer in many situations as a haptic advertising medium.”

Alina Wybierek Portrait

Alina Losch


How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). Together we evaluate your goals, requirements and the architecture of the corporate brand. We have to dive into your corporate culture, your CI and your CD that we can swim our lanes safely. Next step: your custom-fit print design.


Conception and design

We give your brand personality an expressive face. So that you see your business as we see it, we create a concept that outlines colors, shapes, logo and typo for print. Your Go is our starting signal and we go into designing. No idea is lost: We record everything essential in our guidelines. So that you have a solid foundation on which to build excellent visualized brands.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. As print experts, we support you in the rollout of your brand. Whether stationery, business cards, white paper or posters – individual goals require individual services. We give our all every day. Our unyielding sense of aesthetics and innovation allows nothing else.


Any questions?

What is Print Design?

Print design appears on all printed materials and media – the opposite of digital. Print design may seem like a dying discipline, but it’s actually more prevalent than you might think. Print design is important for both brand identity (letterhead, business cards and signage) and advertising design (posters, magazines, brochures) and allows your message to be conveyed in a different medium.

Print design belongs to the field of graphic design. Print designers specialize in the visual design of printed products. Typical materials include paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, ceramics, wood and many more.

We support marketing and creative teams as well as all companies in perfectly4staging their products and branding in the real world or Out-of-Home (OOH). Your digital designs can benefit from our print design services by adding tasteful elements to your deliveries, giving your customers branded stationery, or beautifying your company’s booth at a trade show – print design increases your brand’s reach and visibility in the real world.

Agency for excellent print design

As a specialized print design agency, Schwarz+Matt realizes print designs,  that are as unique as you are. With a dedicated and battle-tested team of top creative designers, Schwarz+Matt  responds powerfully to even the most demanding requirements. 

Our talented designers are specialized in the development and design of Logo, Specializing in book, poster, business stationery, business cards, white paper and much more. To meet the ever-changing market demands of our fast-paced times, we develop unique and attention-grabbing print designs that are one-of-a-kind and stay that way. We never stop learning and are always on the lookout for new or better solutions to respond agilely to trends and new requirements. 

In addition, we support start-ups, medium-sized businesses, companies, brands and marketing departments but also in all tasks in the areas of graphic design, corporate design, communication design, Motion Design and Illustration Design.

Schwarz+Matt has set itself the task oftransforming communication through digitalization and unique designs. Our team bundles expertise in the field of design and helps to sustainably improve the visual brand presence and increase brand value.

The focus of our work is on the Implementation of integrative processes. We pursue the goal of working not only for, but with our customers. We want be more than an external service provider – as part of our customers’ internal marketing department. This enables us to tap into new target group potential, intensify existing customer relationships, and Growth sustainable to increase