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As an agency for motion design , we get brands moving: We produce efficient, conversion-optimized and attention-grabbing moving image animations that make content understandable and target groups happy – no chance for betters.

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What we help you with

Animated graphics

With a healthy dose of creativity, we design motion graphics for blog content, marketing materials, or promotional efforts just the way you like it – so your performance goes through the roof.

We create animated videos that scalably improve the performance of your ads or social media presence because they simply stand out more and are better remembered.

We create animated explainer videos that help you communicate complex issues to your target audience in a simple and understandable way – so that you really pick people up and better reach your advertising goals.

Our experts create original presentations with animated and moving elements – this breathes life into even the driest presentation and strengthens the bond with the target group.

With our animated digital ads for various online channels and platforms, we can push the sale of your product or service. We help you attract new customers and increase click-through rates.

We can also convey your brand message individually by animating your logo – for more wow effect.


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In detail

Simply move more with animated content

Why we are so passionate about motion design? Because it’s effective: Moving content performs better, even in the algorithms for social media feeds and search engines. We simply prefer to watch animations or videos and moving ads are clicked 1.5 times more. This makes motion design a real marketing booster. Complex content can also be made more comprehensible through moving image animation.

Brilliant motion design happens when emotion, aesthetics and wit become one

As a specialized motion design agency, we create bespoke, attention-grabbing motion designs that increase engagement and take your marketing and storytelling to the next level. Whether for campaigns, websites, ads or presentations,moving images are proven to improve the performance of your digital ads and set your brand apart from the competition .

“We have long recognized the potential of dynamic motion design: A good concept leads to a clip that picks people up. With animated images we bring aesthetic and emotional movement into rigid graphic elements and bring brands to life in a unique way. Especially on social media, animated ads and videos have been proven to perform better.”

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Niklas Beab


How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). We must first immerse ourselves in your corporate cultureso that we can swim our lanes safely. Next step: Your custom-fit motion design.


Conception and design

Once the basics are settled, we embed the content into a story and develop initial visual options to match. In our design concept, we capture initial image compositions – so that colors, shapes and typography form a perfect composition. Everything must be ideally coordinated so that the target group is picked up.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. We animate, edit, bury, score and master for all it’s worth. We regularly involve you in all interim results and support you as digital natives in the further rollout of your brand.


Any questions?

What is Motion Design?

Motion design belongs to the section of graphic design, but adds animation and/or video production to it. We use motion design to communicate with viewers and to add depth to a story and message through motion graphics. Through the extraordinary combination of movement, graphic design and sound we create a perfect composition. The result? A meaningful motion design.

Motion design can come in different forms, some are fully animated, others include video footage. The latter can include animation overlays, such as data visualizations, icons, illustrations, and explanatory text designed to complement and enhance the audience’s understanding of the content. Animated explainer videos are designed to educate about a product, process, or concept, while emotional motion graphics aim to evoke a specific emotional response in people. Advertising graphics, on the other hand, are intended to raise awareness of a service, product, or initiative.

Animation is usually about creating a narrative using storytelling and cinematic effects. Motion design tends to focus on abstraction, text, objects, or other elements in motion.

Motion design has a significantly positive effect on brands’ digital and social engagement. Not only is it proven to improve the performance of digital ads, it simply makes brands stand out better from the competition.

The cost of a motion design can be quite different and always depends on the very individual wishes and requirements – for example, length, complexity, style.

However, you can always contact us to get an individual price quote. We can certainly help you out and are looking forward to hearing from you and your project.

First-class motion designs, for more success and more wow

As a motion design agency, we produce efficient and high-quality motion designs that make content understandable and target groups happy. Whether for campaigns, websites, ads or presentations – we create conversion-optimized animations and motion designs that reach goals and pick people up.

Our drive? Become faster, bigger, better and shape the brands of the future. That is why no challenge is too great for us. We produce motion designs for our customers that are perfectly tailored to their individual business goals. Whether animated presentations, explanatory videos, graphics, motion ads or animated logos – we offer the perfect solutions for startups, medium-sized companies and large enterprises. With holistic motion design – consisting of script, storytelling, animation, voice-over and sound – we transform companies and establish successful digital strategies.

As a branding and digital design agency, we at Schwarz+Matt have made it our mission to transform our clients’ brand communication through digitalization. Often you can achieve more with outstanding motion designs than with words. Our team brings together expertise in motion design, online marketing, SEO, web development, design and copywriting to help you take your brand to the next level and stand out from the competition. Benefit now from our experience of 100+ motion design projects.