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From original illustrations and infographics to unique header or banner designs – as an illustration design agency, we create outstanding illustrations – always with the target audience in mind. Say no to dull stock photos and yes to standout illustration designs! You will be thrilled.

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What we help you with


For businesses, startups, marketing and brands, we create original and unique illustration designs that tell a story and stand out from stock photos and average designs.

We design smart infographics based on new or existing information – whether it’s for your presentation, video, web or your website it doesn’t matter. We make sure that your information reaches your target group in a memorable way.

We create perfectly tailored visuals for you, because we always have your corporate design in mind. This is how we make sure your marketing campaign grabs the attention of your target audience and your brand looks consistent.

We create individually designed images, icon and banner graphics or illustrations with which you leave a lasting impression on your target group online.


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In detail

Making complex things simple with illustrations

Why we find illustrations important? Because they help us make complex things simple. Illustrations make it possible to convey abstract information or brand stories in a playful way. As an extension of a brand, they must fit seamlessly into the respective corporate design and demonstrate uniqueness in order to stand out. Even within a corporate design they can become a central component and thus optimally complement classics such as logo, colors and imagery. As in many other areas, the same applies here: A picture is worth a thousand words.

For more recognizability

As an illustration design agency , we specialize in creating unique illustration styles perfectly tailored to existing brands that reflect your brand 1-to-1. How? By linking head with craft, because we are strategists and designers in equal measure. Why this is important? Because in the end, it’s all about telling a story that really resonates with your target audience.

“Illustration design is the art of creating visually appealing images, such as drawings, paintings, banners, photos or vector graphics, that tell a story – all without words.”

Jannis Falk, Art Director


How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). Together we evaluate the positioning, competition and architecture of the corporate brand. We must first immerse ourselves in your corporate cultureso that we can swim our lanes safely. Next step: Your custom-fit illustration design.


Conception and design

We give your brand personality an expressive face. So that you see your business as we see it, we create a concept that outlines colors, shapes, logo and typo. Your Go is our starting signal and we go into designing. No idea is lost: We record everything essential in our guidelines. So that you have a solid foundation on which to build excellent visualized brands.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. As digital natives, we support you in the rollout of your brand. Whether social media marketing, ad campaigns, website and more – individual goals require individual services. We give our all every day. Our unyielding sense of aesthetics and innovation allows nothing else.


Any questions?

What is Illustration Design?

Illustration design is the art of creating engaging visual images (drawings, paintings, photos, vector graphics, etc.) that tell your brand story – all without words. Illustrations are also used to further reinforce the message of a story or article.

Infographics are engaging visuals that convey data and information in a clear and concise format that relies heavily on visual elements and less on text. Some examples of infographics you may be familiar with are pie charts, bar charts, or mind maps.

Graphic designers:inside create static images using existing elements such as shapes, text, images, logos, and effects. Illustrator:inside draw figures and landscapes. Both graphic designs and illustrations can be set in motion. By the way: We can also do motion design.

We love new challenges and create everything you need. But we’re especially good at custom illustrations, infographics, data visualizations, icon and banner designs, and on and on. You just tell us what you need, we implement it.

Our target group does not fit into any pigeonhole. We love new challenges and are in favor of continuing to grow. We help the marketing teams of startups and enterprises alike to have their brand to the next level through unique design and strong branding – for growth. By utilizing our talented designer:s, your internal team also gains valuable time by being confident that illustrations are on-brand thanks to our collaborative platform for briefings, feedback, revisions, and brand asset storage.

Half of our team consists of designers who are among the best in their field. We only hire top talent to ensure maximum competence for our Customers. Our illustration services range from simple background designs to fully illustrated characters. All of this is managed through our state-of-the-art, collaboration-focused platform that connects Schwarz+Matt ‘s creative team directly to your team. This ensures that the illustrations are always to specification, on brand and delivered on time.

Agency for excellent illustration design

As a specialized illustration design agency, Schwarz+Matt creates illustration designs that are as unique as you are. With a dedicated and battle-tested team of top creative designers, Schwarz+Matt responds powerfully to even the most demanding requirements.

Our talented designers:inside specialize in logo development and design, banners, headers, infographics, posters, business stationery, business cards, white papers and much more. In order to meet the ever-changing market demands of our fast-paced times, we develop unique and attention-grabbing illustration designs that are one-of-a-kind and stay that way. We never stop learning and are always on the lookout for new or better solutions to respond agilely to trends and new requirements.

In addition, we support start-ups, medium-sized businesses, companies, brands and marketing departments but also with all tasks in the areas of graphic design, corporate design, communication design, motion design and print design.

Schwarz+Matt ‘s mission is to transform communication through digitization and unique designs. Our team bundles expertise in the field of design and supports in sustainably improving the visual brand presence and increasing the brand value.

The focus of our work is on the implementation of integrative processes. We pursue the goal of working not only for our customers, but with them. We want to be more than an external service provider – as part of our customers’ internal marketing department. This enables us to tap into new target group potential, intensify existing customer relationships and sustainably increase growth.