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Our designers visually elevate the identity of your company or brand to the next level. Book our design agency for a project or as permanent support for your marketing department.

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Corporate Design

We develop corporate designs and design systems that increase brand value and differentiate from the competition. We are experts in the interplay of logo, colors, fonts, design elements (key visuals), typography/font, photography/imagery, layout/grids, graphics and icons. We design and manage scalable design systems across all modern channels.

Based on the corporate design, we develop digital design systems for landing pages, one-pagers and corporate websites.

We serve marketing departments with digital and scalable graphic and communication design across all media and channels.

The world is on the move. We create dynamic GIFs and 2D animations that attract attention. For example, for display ads and social ads like Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Even in the digital age, print media have not lost their importance. Whether business cards, stationery, flyers, image brochures, leaflets or posters, we support you from layout to printing.


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The relaunch of a corporate design proceeds in five steps. In an initial workshop, we discuss the requirements and objectives for the corporate design relaunch. On this basis, we first design the logo or word mark as the most important element of the corporate design. Once the logo is approved, we design all other elements of the corporate design. We then record the components of the corporate design in a digital design manual. After that, nothing stands in the way of the launch of the new corporate design.

The cost of developing or relaunching a corporate design can vary greatly and depends primarily on the size of the company. Simple corporate designs, for example, start at €5,000 and larger corporate design projects can run well over €50,000.

We transfer to you the rights of use, unlimited in time and space, to all work results.

As a rule, most customers cannot do anything with the open data. However, these can also be purchased from us. This is then a so-called buyout.

The visual development of the brand and visual communication tools is not a one-off project. We therefore support marketing departments on a permanent basis with our expertise and operational clout.

Design agency for visual branding

As a design agency and design studio from Dortmund, our designers specialize in the development and design of logo, corporate design and branding. The corporate design as a modular design system is only the basis for the development of the web design, the screen design and the UX/UI design. In addition, we support startups, medium-sized businesses, companies, brands and marketing departments but also in all tasks in the areas of graphic design, communication design, motion design and print design.

Schwarz+Matt has made it its mission to transform our customers’ communications through digitization. Our employees are experts in the field of design and help to sustainably improve the visual brand presence and increase the brand value.

The focus of our work is on the implementation of integrative processes. We pursue the goal of working not only for, but with our customers, and instead of an external service provider, become part of the internal marketing department. This enables us to tap into new target group potential for our customers, intensify existing customer relationships, and sustainably increase growth.