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Planning to sell your products on Amazon? We help businesses multiply their sales on Amazon. We offer comprehensive services for the Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central sales platforms – both strategically and operationally. Become a bestseller with us.

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What we help you with

Amazon Advertising

We create ads perfectly tailored to you and the Amazon Marketplace with continuous optimization of keywords, bids and ad variations. By optimizing your PPC strategy for Amazon Advertising, we ensure that you dominate your categories through effective visibility and become a best seller.

Services in detail:

  • Design of an Amazon PPC strategy
  • Amazon advertising campaign creation
  • Management of existing advertising campaigns
  • Scaling Amazon Advertising Based on ACoS and ROAS Targets

We know how the A9 algorithm works and are familiar with user behavior on Amazon’s online marketplace. Our Experts use advertising and competitor data to identify the most relevant keywords for the products in your catalog. On this basis, converting traffic will be directed directly to your offers. Including compelling content in your listings improves profitability and ensures continued sales growth on Amazon.

Services in detail:

  • Amazon search term analysis
  • SEO optimization of the product detail page
  • Creation of convincing product descriptions
  • Continuous SEO ranking check

We offer you full-service account support – so you can focus on the core business of your company; knowing that the optimal support of your seller account is always guaranteed.

Services in detail:

  • Monitoring of account activities
  • Troubleshooting products
  • Automated Buy Box Monitoring
  • Amazon FBA delivery schedules

That’s why we work with you in our Amazon Focus Session to develop a suitable Amazon strategy that perfectly combines your company’s strengths with those of the No. 1 online sales channel.

  • Define approaches to implementation
  • Project plan for the implementation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market analysis

Take advantage of sales opportunities abroad and scale your business model internationally. We support you holistically in the internationalization of your products on all European Amazon marketplaces, including SEO-optimized translation.

Services in detail:

  • Transfer of existing Amazon listings to other countries
  • Country-specific search term analysis
  • Translation of sales texts incl. Incorporation of the keywords
  • Content creation (product descriptions, A+ content) in local language


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In detail

Stand out from the competition and become an Amazon bestseller

As an Amazon merchant, you’re already aware of how important it is to stand out from the competition. This is the only way to attract the attention of your Customers, which ultimately generates more sales. However, the Amazon marketplace is highly competitive and it is not that easy to place your own products in the focus of the Customers.

Everyone wants the Amazon success formula - but few are willing to actually go the distance. We do.

With our many years of experience, we support you in successfully positioning your products on Amazon. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem, we can take targeted action to increase your visibility and sales. So that your products definitely catch the eye.

As a competent full-service Amazon agency from Dortmund , our team of Amazon experts will support youExperts optimizing your existing account. We’ll take you to the next level so you can holistically leverage the potential of the Amazon marketplace for your business.

“What connects us with our customers? The demand to always break new ground – creatively and effectively with the unconditional will to succeed. Every day anew. On this basis, we develop the right individual strategy for a profitable Amazon presence for every brand and every company – whether a small start-up or a global corporation. As an external Amazon unit, we always meet our Customers ‘ demands for quality, sales and growth in the best possible way.”

André Schirmer

André Schirmer, Managing Director


How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). Together we evaluate an individual solution for individual requirements. We look at competitors, do a market analysis and work out a project plan that will ensure you become a best seller.


Conception and design

We give your brand personality an expressive face by designing custom-fit ads. In addition, we write compelling product descriptions and undertake an SEO check and Amazon keyword analysis.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. As digital natives, we support you in rolling out your brand on Amazon. Whether internationalization, account management or SEO – individual goals require individual services. We give our all every day. Our unyielding sense of aesthetics and innovation allows nothing else.


Any questions?

What are the differences between the Amazon Business seller program and selling on Amazon?

The Amazon Business Seller Program enables sellers to meet the unique needs of business Customers with optimized features for business-to-business transactions.

Amazon Seller Central is Amazon’s selling platform. Merchants can use them to post and sell products on Amazon. They operate as third-party sellers. In return, Amazon charges merchants a sales commission that varies by category.

The A9 algorithm is Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Only Amazon itself knows exactly how this works.

Amazon’s market power should not be underestimated: Around 50% of all e-commerce sales are attributable to the mail-order giant. For many smaller brands and retailers, this means it’s much easier to increase visibility with Amazon.

An own online store, on the other hand, tears gaps in the budgets of small companies and wants to be maintained permanently even after the start. This is why it is a comparatively risk-free start, especially for private individuals, hobby traders and also start-ups, to become active as a trader or brand on Amazon.

This is all the more true because even delivery, storage and returns are handled by Amazon as part of FBA. And all over Europe.

A company can quickly become dependent on Amazon and, if Amazon takes too large a share of sales, changes to terms can have a significant impact. Your company may then have no option but to grudgingly accept these changes.

It should also be said that Amazon’s competition is getting stronger every day and therefore there can always be significant process changes that can also affect you and your company.

Your Amazon Agency from Dortmund

As an owner-managed Amazon agency from Dortmund, we select our Customers specifically and aim for a long-term partnership. We want to build, develop and win together. Everyone is after the Amazon success formula – but only a few are actually willing to go the distance. We do.

We follow the claim to always break new ground – creatively and effectively with the unconditional will to succeed; and that every day. On this basis, our team develops the right individual strategy for a profitable Amazon presence for every brand and every company – whether a small start-up or a global corporation. This gives you the security of knowing that we, as an external Amazon unit, will meet your demands for quality, sales and growth in the best possible way.

In doing so, we rely on close cooperation with personalities who think just like us: People with vision, passion and courage for the Amazon success project.

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