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As an ad creative agency, we combine original copywriting with data-driven design – for scalable and performance-strong ad creatives. For advertising campaigns with maximum visibility – online and offline and everywhere.

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What we help you with

Ad designs

We design first-class advertising concepts for the various media and channels. Whether posters, ads, flyers, online platforms, social or Google – our designs achieve goals.

We produce static and animated banner designs, interstitials and other formats for display ads that immediately catch the eye.

We design native ads, adapted to the look and feel of the media format they are played on – to reach customers without disrupting the user experience.

We create creatives for billboards, digital displays, transit advertising and more. Because the outside world is just waiting to learn more about you.

We design explainer videos, vertical story ads, animated typo and whatever else you need to move.

We create custom-fit ads that perform strongly on the respective socials like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Co.


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In detail

Data-driven ad creative agency for maximum performance

Ad Creatives Agency

No campaign without creatives: Whether printed, digital, static, animated, story or carousel – to make campaigns successful, you need advertising graphics that fit like a glove, depending on the medium, target group and platform. Automations and ever better algorithms make it increasingly difficult to stand out. As an ad creative agency, we design creative, data-driven and performance-rich ad designs that set you apart from the competition and generate leads.

We are data-driven and design-loving: This is the only way to create ingenious ad creatives

As an ad creative agency, we work together across disciplines, combining copywriting, design and marketing to make ads successful. In doing so, we measure the effectiveness and performance of all ad creatives and strategically test new angles, scrollstoppers, storylines and targeting opportunities. Through these insights, we minimize wastage and ensure that your ads hit the bull’s eye.

“Digital marketing is indispensable these days. You can’t get far without original ad creatives. Whether it’s display, digital, static, motion, stories or carousel – brands need performant and responsive designs for all of them to make campaigns successful.”

Alina Wybierek, Senior Art Director

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How we work


Research and analysis

We do not guess into the blue. We want to get to know and understand the company, its plans and goals – over a cup of coffee (it doesn’t have to be black). Together, we’ll talk about your goals, desires, the competition, and your company brand message. We must first dive into your fireso that we can swim our lanes safely. Next step: Your custom-fit ad creative design.


Conception and design

We give your brand personality an expressive face. To help you see your business as we see it, we create a concept that puts your brand personality into creative ad formats for the different platforms. Your Go is our starting signal and we go into designing. We minimize wastage and adapt ads again and again so that your target group is really picked up.


Realization and communication

Thought locks are all well and good – we also want to bring outstanding concepts to the road. As an ad creative agency, we support you in the rollout of your brand. Whether social media marketing, ad campaigns, website and more – individual goals require individual services. We give our all every day. Our unyielding sense of aesthetics and innovation allows nothing else.


Any questions?

What are Ad Creatives?

Simply put, ad creatives are advertising materials that use a clever combination of text and visual elements to reach the target group both visually and in terms of content. To be effective, Ad Creatives must meet the specifications and requirements of the channel for their intended use.

Creative Ad Design is a design discipline that focuses on creating performance-oriented creative deliverables. The goal? Drive sales of services or products. We always make sure that the designs are adapted to the specifications and requirements of the channel and the objectives.

Ad creative design is a popular subcategory of graphic design that focuses on paid media campaigns. The goal? To interrupt the scrolling of user:ins, to attract attention, to leave a lasting impression, to get the target audience to click, or simply all of the above.

Ad creative agency for fast-growing startups and brands

As an ad creative agency from Dortmund, Germany, our designers specialize in the development and creation of high-performance ad designs . To meet the ever-changing market demands of our fast-paced times, we develop digitally powerful, scalable and data-driven ad creative designs that drive product or service sales. We never stop learning and are always on the lookout for new or better solutions to respond agilely to trends and new requirements.

We support medium-sized businesses, companies, brands and marketing departments with all tasks in the areas of graphic design, communication design, motion design and print design, SEO, online marketing, performance and web development.

Schwarz+Matt has made it its mission to transform communication through digitization. Our team combines expertise in design and technology and helps to sustainably improve the visual brand presence on social channels and increase brand value.

The focus of our work is on the implementation of integrative processes. We pursue the goal of working not only for our customers, but with them. We want to be more than an external service provider – as part of our customers’ internal marketing department. This enables us to tap into new target group potential, intensify existing customer relationships and sustainably increase growth.