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In today’s world, companies gain new customers and leads with their own web presence, but often important information about previous web visitors is missing. Many analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, provide an overview of individual hits, but not details about potential customers. Leadinfo offers a solution to this problem.


Leadinfo makes website visitors visible

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With Leadinfo you get everything you need at a glance. Which companies visited your website, how long they stayed on it and who is the right contact person. The privacy-compliant tool offers you the opportunity to contact interested companies that have not carried out a conversion on their own. In addition, the behavioral-demographic characteristics obtained provide the opportunity for continuous optimization of one’s own web presence in order to address the right customers in the long term.

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To help our customers continue to grow, we provide them with the B2B new customer acquisition solution. As a Leadinfo partner, we ensure compliance with privacy policies and provide you with deeper insights into your website statistics.