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We’ve hired top-notch designers, won awards, and now bring them to you in a smooth collaboration for high-end results. Scale your design with us.

1,000+ realized design projects for 300+ start-ups, companies and brands

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About us

Modern design that simply grows with you


faster than hiring your own designers


cheaper than the previous production of your assets


More efficient due to super fast response times


Recommendation rate of our customers


More than 20 awarded designers

More than 20 experts in over 22 disciplines are ready to help your growth succeed through scalable design.

We support all popular design programs, tools and apps


We design everything needed for digital growth

The demands on modern marketing are becoming more holistic and diverse. In a complex world help with me simply very good design.

Branding, Ad Creatives, Social Media Creatives, Website Design, Landing Page Design, App Design, Newsletter Design, eBook Design, Digital Reports Design, Motion Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Presentation Design, Illustration Design, Merchandise Design and more.


Just live

We’ve helped 250+ startups, companies and brands realize their full design potential in the digital age.

Social media and communication design for VIVAWEST

Corporate design for Schauenburg

Social media design for Erlingsson

Social ads, campaign design and print design for the Ruhr Nachrichten newspaper

Website design for Naue

Landing page design for SYDE

Branding for the geosynthetics world market leader Naue


Creative processes meet technology

We understand the complexity of design and have developed the tools to help you plan your creative campaigns, request designs, share files with stakeholders, and accurately track progress.

Schwarz+Matt Plus is the ultimate platform for creative collaboration: plan design and creative projects from a single place, easily submit new tasks, and get real-time updates in tools like Slack. We make design collaboration effortless and straightforward on one platform.


First-class design at outstanding prices

Perfect for marketing and product teams, our solution allows you to quickly scale design output for your content marketing, brand, social media, and product marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Level 1
jährliche Abrechnung
Std. pro Monat
4.000 €
Level 2
jährliche Abrechnung
Std. pro Monat
4.000 €
Level 3
jährliche Abrechnung
Std. pro Monat
12.000 €
Level 4
jährliche Abrechnung
Std. pro Monat
16.000 €

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Schwarz+Matt Plus

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What is the difference compared to an internal team?

To get the same quality, quantity and variety of design services, you need multiple resources at once:

  • 1x Senior Project Manager
  • 1 x Senior Art Director
  • 1 x Senior Web Designer
  • 1x Senior UI/UX Designer
  • 1 x Senior Motion Designer

It would probably take you months to find the appropriate designers, and it would probably be difficult to find senior designers willing to work part-time.

Even if you find the most qualified designers, they would first have to get up to speed with project management procedures and learn to coordinate the work of all the designers.

If you then take into account the costs of social security, additional benefits, technical equipment and software licenses, you will quickly realize that Schwarz+Matt Plus is significantly cheaper, more flexible and of higher quality than the in-house design team.

Of course, you can’t “quit” your own staff if fewer or not all design services are needed.

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  • How Schwarz+Matt Plus works
  • How you can do large scale design better, faster and cheaper
  • How we differentiate ourselves from agencies, freelancers and in-house design teams


We have the answers to your questions

We are the best fit for startups, marketing departments, companies and brands that love, value and need superior design in a direct way.

Of course, how many hours you need depends entirely on how many regular design tasks you have, how much your business is growing, and how it is structured. In an initial conversation together, we quickly find out how much your design effort is based on a structured checklist.

Speed is our middle name. We are usually up and running in less than two days. When it comes down to it, we sometimes start on the same day. Our onboarding is fast and straightforward, so we can get started quickly. So we are ready to go. How about you?

We deliver. Guaranteed. Therefore, you can also test our cooperation first. Currently we offer you 50 hours completely free of charge. If you like our service, you can easily switch to the subscription.

Quite right. Each collaboration is very individual. So are our many designers and their skills. Depending on the booked plan, we assemble a team of project managers and designers. We make sure that the most important disciplines are covered. If you need specialists, for example from the fields of motion design, branding or illustration, we bring them in as needed. So you have a permanent team, but you can access the full range of our design services.

Usually very good. We work completely digitally and integrate into your workflows. We consistently avoid useless phone calls and emails and instead rely on our own Asana platform. With the help of the platform we coordinate all design tasks and make it easy for you to submit new tasks to us and view existing ones. In addition, you will have weekly Jour Fixes with our Project Managers. We keep track of your design tasks, for sure.

We are here to help you. So feel free to give us all your design tasks. There is no limit here, except the number of hours booked. If there are multiple tasks, we jointly prioritize the most urgent design tasks and book additional resources from us in urgent cases. So we’ll handle all your design tasks quickly, with the highest quality and absolute reliability.

Of course, that depends entirely on the task. We deliver simple designs within hours, but larger design projects can take several weeks. However, we guarantee super fast response times for all booked hours. You can be sure that our designers are very experienced and can deliver first-class quality quickly.

All our designers are handpicked and certainly belong to the top 10% of designers in Germany. As a rule, our designers have more than 5 years of professional experience and specialize in 2-3 design disciplines. You don’t get freelancers with us. All designers are permanent employees and come from Dortmund, Münster, Bochum, Essen and Düsseldorf, for example. If you want to meet our team in person, you are welcome to visit us at our headquarters in Dortmund.

We not only implement, but also create campaigns and write the appropriate headlines. Both services can be easily booked in addition if required.

Right. We love very good design and are happy to realize individual design projects. Prices are then based on the scope of the design task submission deadline. We will be happy to advise you and create an individual offer.

We believe in the value of our work and designs. If you ever change your mind or no longer need our design services, you can of course cancel flexibly at any time with four weeks’ notice to the end of the month.

Very simple. We transfer to you all spatial and temporal rights of use to our designs. On request, we even provide the open data via a download.

Absolutely. We are made to take your design to the next level. This only works holistically and across all media. Therefore, multiple contacts from your company are welcome to access our design services and submit tasks to us. We are happy to help you all.

If you are not satisfied with us, you will get your money back. We believe in the quality of our work. If you ever see it differently, we won’t charge you for the hours spent on the critical design task.

Yes indeed. Web design, of course, lives on the implementation. Therefore, we also offer WordPress and elementary development for individual projects and permanent support. Just ask us about it.

Good question! First, of course, you need to find and hire a qualified designer. This is usually a long process and then requires intensive training.

Then it is the case that a qualified designer quickly earns €60,000 and more. In addition, there are the fringe benefits and ancillary costs for the employer.

But a designer alone is often not enough. Because design today is multifaceted and ranges from analog to digital. Most designers have a specialty and can cover up to more areas well. So to cover all applications in your marketing, you need a team of designers.

If you don’t need a designer throughout, you’ll pay them to idle.

With Schwarz+Matt Plus, we have developed a model that other agencies can also access. Very often, for example, we work with specialized performance or social media agencies and exclusively create the creatives for their display and social ads. We have no fear of contact and are therefore open to all agency inquiries.