We transform ourselves

SCHWARZ&MATT started three years ago. We thought of it as an advertising agency.

But we developed beyond that: Marketing, market analysis, positioning, design. Our customers don’t have to advertise, they have to grow. As we have grown.

We recognized this and started our transformation a year ago. This means: We are repositioning ourselves, with a broad chest and upwind. We rely on ourselves, on our knowledge, our abilities, our enthusiasm and on the little luck that everyone needs.

Nothing has stopped us this year. Not the twelfth self-positioning, not the design change at midnight, not the doubts of others and ourselves, not the new Helvetica (new typeface after 36 years, but three weeks before our self-imposed deadline). We shook ourselves once and went on, because we are convinced that we are doing the right thing.


The result:

SCHWARZ&MATT becomes Schwarz+Matt.

The AND becomes a PLUS. BIG becomes fine.

We don’t know exactly what all this means. And we won’t tell you everything just yet.

But one thing is clear: We will not turn back.



Schwarz+Matt GmbH




Marketingberatung, Logoentwicklung, Corporate Design, Website, Social Media, Fotografie


Mai 2019

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