Transforming trends

KORN creates functional fashion collections. In order to conquer new markets, Schwarz+Matt has revised the entire appearance of the company and specified the company as a target customer for large fashion houses.

From our exact positioning of the brand, inspired by a customer workshop, concrete implementations are derived. Now, the redesign of the logo and corporate design is focusing the visual implementation more strongly on trendy young fashion. In the company’s image, the conceptual work becomes particularly clear.

This is reflected above all in the new website. KORN presents itself clearly, openly and transparently with the new corporate identity fashion concept. In the design, the fashion theme is omnipresent down to the last detail. Even the newly designed icons take up the formal language of typography and ensure a uniform appearance. Abstract elements of order are oriented towards the cutting edges of the fabric blanks. Superimposed elements are reminiscent of the design of collages created during the creation of collections.

KORN fashion concept has freshly set up the best prospects of becoming a successful brand in the German fashion scene.

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KORN fashion concept




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July 2019

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