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A dentist where you can feel comfortable

When a young dentist step-by-step takes over a practice from a predecessor, he will come with many ideas of his own. For example, he would like to focus on his main treatment areas such as root canal treatment and turn his waiting and treatment rooms into feel-good areas.

Our design department has captured this claim with a lot of feeling and Scandinavian minimalism in an individual corporate design. The visual positioning – away from clinical medicine and towards a wellness atmosphere – now reaches all areas of communication: logo design from initials, icon development for the service areas, a guidance system through clear signage.

With the help of the website and its clear structure, patients can now better orient themselves, because in addition to the standard dental services, they can also find a lot of information about the practice’s specific key services.

Thus, patients with special problems can now find the right dentist: Dr. Jens Thiele in Holzwickede.  And even more when he moves into new practice rooms in the near future.

But the most important thing for the new practice team is that the company has also made a name for itself in the generational transition.

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Dr. Jens-H. Thiele




Marketing Consulting, Naming, Brand Positioning, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Icons, Photos, Website Concept, Screendesign, Website Development


July 2019


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