Renovating without worries

The content and visual repositioning of the Meisterwerke makes the Dortmund craftsmen problem solvers and successfully portrays them.

How do you turn a handful of master craftsmen into an attractive renovation brand? By offering potential renovators a complete service package that includes not only all crafts, but also financing and construction supervision. Thereby all problem solutions are provided from one supplier. This is where the slogan fits: renovating without worries!

The brand “Meisterwerke” turns craftsmen into problem solvers and successfully portrays them: experienced, fast, careful and easy to work with. The media used work because the positioning of the brand is consistently conceived from the user’s perspective. As a result, the address, corporate design and means of communication become functional instruments that generate enquiries and thus growth for Meisterwerke.

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Meisterwerke Dortmund GmbH




Marketing Consulting, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Website, Text, Marketing Materials, Photography


July 2018

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