Pulse of steel

When a triathlete from the Ruhr area decides to push his career forward, Schwarz+Matt is gladly participating. With the establishment of a personal brand, Vincent Felix Bartscher’s athletic career is also raised to a professional level externally. The implementation of the marketing strategy increases his level of awareness, not only to build up a community but also to win new sponsors, who make the worldwide success at international competitions possible in the first place.

With Vincent, all good things come in threes: the number is not only reflected in his three-part name but also distinguishes his sport. As a triathlete, he competes in three different disciplines and so Schwarz+Matt has made this number the foundation stone for the new corporate design: In the logo, the three parts of the name and disciplines are arranged into an independent logo.

The application possibilities are almost unlimited. For example, Vincent can not only leave his branding on stationery and business cards but also start his own merchandising program. The colour coding is intuitively based on his sport: blue stands for the calm water and the low pulse after the start, green for the activating nature, the pulse is still in the green range, red stands for the limit, for using the last reserves, the final sprint to the finish.

Logo elements and colours determine the overall look of the personal brand website. In terms of content, it provides everything a sports fan’s heart desires. Exact facts about the body’s performance data, the greatest successes, impressive photos about his sport (for which we arranged an exclusive photoshoot), and the latest news from his Instagram account.

In order to strengthen interaction with the community and further build the fanbase, Instagram was integrated as an integral part of the Personal Brand’s marketing strategy. During a workshop at Schwarz+Matt, Vincent not only acquired the necessary know-how on content creation on social media but also received helpful tips on how to take high-quality photo material in everyday life. In the practice-oriented intensive workshop we developed the structure of his profile and, of course, created three highlights. These are not only filled with news from Vincent’s career as an athlete using the story function but also contain personal insights from his everyday life as well as valuable tips on the vegan lifestyle. In this way, Vincent not only provides a high added value, but also strengthens the bond to the community and promotes direct exchange. The implementation of the strategy is already showing success: As a child of the Ruhr area, he arouses the interest of the community with his motto #pulseofsteel and his passion – and the number of followers is rising continuously.

By building his personal brand, Vincent has positioned himself and is ready for greater challenges.

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Vincent Felix Bartscher




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October 2019