Truemetics on point

What should a trend-setting cosmetic studio for women and men be called, how should it look and how should it work? We have answered these questions with Truemetics.

At first, the task sounded simple: developing a brand name and a corporate design for a cosmetics studio. But this cosmetics studio cares for both men and women and uses natural cosmetics. In the near future, Truemetics should be able to become a franchisor for other studios. The brand name is a combination of true and cosmetics. It makes sense, is catchy and can be used nationwide. The probably most famous beauty spot in the world – the one on Marilyn Monroe’s left cheek – brought us to the design. A offset i-dot in the logo reminds us of this distinctive mark and gives the logo its uniqueness. Some of our minimalist concept approaches also found their way into store design. With Truemetics, Natalia Wittmann, founder and front woman, proves her flair for successfully creating a cosmetics studio for men and women with a future. Truemetics simply offers more.

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Natalia Wittmann




Marketing Consulting, Name Development, Logo Development, Corporate Design, Business Equipment, Website, Social Media, Store Design


November 2017

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